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winter covers
We custom design and fabricate marine canvas products in the old school tradition using only the best materials available. Our pride shows in every piece we make.  Made by sailors for sailors on the shores of Lake Champlain since 1989.

• Dodgers
• Biminis
• Awnings
• Full Canvas
• Cushions
• Curtains
• Winter Covers

• Repairs
• Restitching
• Custom Stainless Welding
• Stainless Tube Bending
• Fancy Ropework
• Custom Leather Work
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Custom marine canvas products for the discriminating yachtsman
Located at 4580 Harbor Rd., Shelburne, VT 05482               Call   1-802-985-9547
For winter cover set up and break down help, take a look at this video. Pay special attention to how we "flake" each section of the cover just like a sail, then fold each "end" towards the center. Mark which section it is with a magic marker, and the orientation (bow, stern, etc.) This will help immensely when putting it back on the boat. Take pictures of the framework and strapping the first time so that it all goes back on as accurately as possible. All you need is an Allen wrench to take apart the frame work and a knife to remove the strapping. When putting the strapping on, make sure the pieces don't extend beyond the first and last "rib" more than 1 1/2". Strapping should also be placed / taped starting JUST BELOW the turn of the bend of the ribs and then placed equidistant from there up to the ridge. That's all there is to it!